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Youth Basketball League (Corpus Christi)

Corpus Christi Parish, Stone Mountain, GA 

Donation Goal: $3,000











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While participating in Corpus Christi Youth Basketball League (CCYBL), young players learn teamwork while at the same time setting personal goals and working towards them. During their 10-game season, the league’s coaches teach their players the value of physical exercise, hard work, sportsmanship, dedication, practice, and respect for themselves and others.

Coaches also serve as mentors and positive role models for the members of their teams while building lasting relationships in a fun and safe setting that serves as a second family to many kids. Seventy-five percent of those involved in the program are not active members of the Corpus Christi parish, making community building especially important. This group of young players practices ways to positively focus and channel their energy while learning to value each other’s contributions and unique talents. The league stresses that all players have something valuable to contribute by making sure that all the athletes on each team play in every game, no matter their skill level or the score.

Volunteers from the program reach out to community families to make sure everyone has the chance to play. Volunteers offer mentoring, tutoring, transportation, and help paying fees for families in need. Scholarships and discounts are also available from the CCYBL and Corpus Christi parish to families with 3 or more children involved in the league or who are active in the parish. This is especially important given that 23% of community families are below the poverty level. The program also offers a source of support beyond local schools, which have truancy, attendance, and dropout rates and standardized test scores that are considerably worse than the state average.

Sports programs help kids develop many qualities–including the ability to follow instructions, filter out distractions, and manage aggression and anxiety levels while working hard toward a goal—also help them in their everyday lives. Involvement in athletics helps build self-confidence and strong, healthy bodies.

By combining life skills with a fun opportunity to socialize with friends, the CCYBL provides an essential opportunity for the Corpus Christi parish to impact the lives of the community’s youth.

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