Media Communications Committee

Holy Cross Parish 
Chicago, IL

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As one of the parish’s newest programs, the Media Communications Committee continues the parish’s practice of developing a stronger, healthier community while enriching and teaching skills to the young people involved in the program.

The committee started in 2014 as a way to get young people more involved in writing, communications, video and photo editing, design, and social media—all highly marketable and beneficial job skills. In addition to teaching these skills, the committee also serves as a way to unite the community and spread news and information about parish events and needs.

The Media Communications Committee is currently made up of about half a dozen young people, and parish leaders would like that number to grow. The committee also includes adults who serve as mentors and advisors. It is responsible for the parish’s social media accounts and updates to the parish website, including photos, graphics, and videos. The committee also publishes a quarterly newsletter about news and events happening around the community.

In these early stages of the Media Communications Committee, the adult leaders want to focus on teaching different media editing software skills, such as the basics of Photoshop (as shown in the photo above) and video editing. Once the young adults have mastered these skills, they will be able to create more multimedia communications pieces to share with their neighborhood.

To achieve this goal, the committee wants to purchase copies of the necessary software so more young people can have access to it. Your support would enable the parish to make these tools more available. Leaders also want to hold group workshops where professionals could come speak to the committee’s youth on topics like writing, marketing, and design.

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