Domestic Violence

Holy Cross Parish
Chicago, Illinois

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According to police statistics, the majority of calls they receive about the neighborhood surrounding Holy Cross Parish are about domestic violence. In 2013, the parish started a youth domestic violence program called Valor, and it has already made a significant impact on the young people in the community. While Valor began the dialogue about domestic and dating violence with young people, there is still need to address the needs of adult victims and survivors of this violence. Holy Cross’ staff is committed to developing other resources to support neighborhood residents affected by domestic violence and to do more to address the issues that contribute to it.

The impacts of domestic violence are far-reaching; it can cause long-term health issues, economic hardship, academic struggles, and wider community violence. It can create a pattern of ongoing violence in a person’s life, all the way through adolescence to adulthood.

Through Valor and other parish services, Holy Cross has taken important steps towards raising awareness of this issue in the community. Many victims of domestic violence come to the parish office asking for assistance because they trust the staff more than local authorities. Holy Cross wants to establish additional services to do more to help the families in the neighborhood who are experiencing abuse but do not seek help out of fear or shame.

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