You Cultivated Hope for Chicago Students!

March 27, 2017
Chicago, Illinois
Students at Our Lady of Guadalupe School getting involved in hands on learning with microscopes funded by our Cultivating Hope campaign!

Last fall we asked for your help providing microscopes for the low-income students at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in South Chicago. Today the middle schoolers at OLGS are busy learning and growing thanks to your generosity!

According to the science teacher at the school, the first few days after the microscopes arrived were spent developing the basic skills needed to use them, such as centering and focusing images. Students began by looking at newspaper, then moved on to prepared slides, then learned how to make their own wet-mounted slides of yeast cells.

Once they mastered the basic skills, the students used the microscopes to study items of their own choosing. Under close supervision, some even chose to look at samples of their own blood. They were fascinated to see their own cells still moving under the microscope!

Thanks to the support of the tCI community, the students at OLGS are now enjoying the “door to opportunity” that science offers them. Having access to the equipment they need to learn prepares them for ongoing education and being ready to compete with their peers.

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