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October 2015

UPDATE: Our Lady of Guadalupe School

Chicago, Illinois
Students at OLGS get a high-quality education.

With the new school year well underway in South Chicago, Our Lady of Guadalupe School (OLGS) has launched exciting new programs even in the face of some on-going challenges.

Among the most exciting changes at OLGS is their new preschool. This year, 20 young students began their education in a place that stresses family, community, and life-long learning. The academic foundation they’re receiving will not only carry them into elementary school and high school but also into college and their adult lives. This solid educational base is especially important in a community where the average annual income is only $19,000, and 97% of its young people qualify for reduced-cost or free lunches.

As Our Lady of Guadalupe welcomes more students, tuition costs and scholarship funds have become an area of particular need. OLGS’ annual cost to educate each student is $8,000, though their tuition is only about half that amount in order to make high-quality education available to students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.

In addition to scholarships funds, OLGS also needs additional funding to staff their computer labs before, during, and after school. Computer lab access is especially important at Our Lady of Guadalupe, as only about 40% of students’ homes have Internet access. Not only does this pose a challenge for homework, it also makes it more difficult for teachers and the administration to connect with parents—something that’s key for academic success.

Find out more about Our Lady of Guadalupe School, and please consider offering your financial support to the school so it can continue to educate the next generation of smart, energized leaders in a community facing serious violence and poverty.

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