Update on the Latino Legacies Film Series

October 19, 2015
Latino Legacies Film Series

Last year we introduced you to Latino Legacies, a series of short-form interview biographies of living Latino role models in the U.S. This series provides a wide range of inspirational role models for young people living in at-risk communities. Watch the pilot film on Manny Villafana, a highly successful entrepreneur in the biomedical industry with an astounding story.

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Latino Legacies was recently featured in Hispanic Executive Magazine in an interview with our program officer, Maria Sotelo. Maria explains Legacies’ impact best:

I’m inspired by the potential impact that these films can have on children and the hope that these films can instill in anyone who watches them. The notion that children can drive their own lives by the choices they make every day; that someone can potentially see themselves in one of the films and maybe envision a different future for themselves, a future that they may not have seen possible before viewing the film. We’re telling stories that these kids would probably not hear otherwise.

tCI programs are built on the proven fact that mentors and role models have a tremendously positive impact on children and teens in many areas of their lives. Latino Legacies allows the Claretians to reach young people in communities beyond those they serve to provide a powerful vision for the future.

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