tCI Expansion and How You Can Help

August 18, 2014

Since tCI launched in October of 2013, we’ve been working on expanding our list of programs. We’ve profiled a number of highly effective, interconnected programs being run by Claretians and other parish leaders in at-risk communities dealing with poverty and violence, among other challenges. And while the Claretian Initiative is relatively new, the programs are not; Claretians and their partners have been working with people in this country to build stronger, healthier communities since 1902. tCI’s goal is to build awareness and support for the community development work the Claretians do every day.

So far we’ve added programs from our Chicago parishes, as well as some from our communities outside of Atlanta and New York City. We’ll continue to grow our library to include program lists from the following Claretian communities in the United States:

You can help us build a base of support for the Claretians’ community development work in this country by joining our email list or following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please encourage your friends, family, and peers to join us, too! Together we truly can build something real for people and communities in great need.

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