A Taste of Community

June 12, 2017
Chicago, Illinois
Tasty pozole at the Taste of Back of the Yards

On a recent Saturday in May, while spring showers fell outside, members of the Holy Cross/IHM community gathered with supporters to benefit the Peace and Education Scholarship fund at the Taste of Back of the Yards. The fund is run by the Peace and Education Coalition, a nonprofit created by Holy Cross Parish, which awards students with scholarships between $150 and $2,000 for high school or post-secondary education. The scholarships are based heavily on a student’s volunteer service to the community as well as their desire for a good education.

At the Taste of Back of the Yards, a variety of local restaurants and community groups provided their various specialties to give attendees a sampling of everything the neighborhood has to offer. Guests enjoyed everything from spicy pozole (a hominy stew) to tamales to coffee provided by a neighborhood coffee house recently opened by members of the parish community. Everyone also enjoyed music from the energetic Marimba Ensemble.

Several past recipients of the Peace and Education Scholarship spoke about their commitment to the community. Although they could have used their education to pursue opportunities outside of the neighborhood, all of them are now working in Back of the Yards schools to give back even more. Their stories beautifully demonstrate that cultivating leadership from within the community does work—and it matters!

Consider making a donation to the Peace and Education Scholarship Fund to enable more students in Back of the Yards to become leaders!

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