Stay in School, Stay Healthy

October 12, 2015
Education and Health

Of all the reasons why quality higher education is essential, there’s one we don’t hear about often. It’s true that people who finish high school are less likely to be unemployed or live in poverty, but it turns out they are also physically healthier. In fact, new research shows that graduating from high school is as good for your health as quitting smoking.

The study asserts if every adult high school dropout—around 10% of adults aged 25-34—had a diploma or GED, almost 150,000 deaths could be avoided in the U.S. each year. And if every adult had a bachelor’s degree, the impact would be even greater, with more than 500,000 deaths avoided.

In short, increased education causes better health.

It make sense. People with higher levels of education have access to resources and knowledge to motivate them to eat better, exercise more, and make better choices for their health, like quitting smoking or not starting in the first place.

Helping all people continue their education is an important part of improving health and well-being in our communities. Even though instances of chronic conditions like heart disease have been decreasing in recent years, people in low-income households continue to be disproportionately affected by them. And while general life expectancy has increased, primarily people with higher levels of education are the ones who really see these benefits.

tCI programs aim to help everyone be motivated about their education. Education programs like Little Ones Preschool gives kids a head start, while Our Lady of Guadalupe School and the Casa Romero After-School Program help kids stay on track as they grow. The Peace & Ed Scholarship program helps young people access quality schools, and the Reflections Mentoring program reaches out to youth who are struggling to help them get back in school. Additionally, tCI youth programs help kids develop other characteristics for success that will help them in the classroom and beyond.

Consider making a donation to the program of your choice and help improve the health of at-risk individuals. As always, 95% of your donation will go straight to programs, so you can be sure your donation is doing more for those who need it.

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