The Positive Impact of Youth Sports

May 01, 2017
Help young athletes enjoy the benefits of organized sports!

In conjunction with our Cultivating Hope campaign to fund new uniforms for the Corpus Christi Youth Basketball League, we are re-sharing this post from November of 2015. Please considering donating to help these young athletes accomplish their goals!

The Youth Basketball League at Corpus Christi Parish in Stone Mountain, Georgia, helps youth stay active while learning about hard work, sportsmanship, dedication, practice, and respect for themselves and others. The young people in the league have the opportunity to interact with positive mentors, and every team member has a chance to contribute. Besides being a lot of fun, the league offers many positive benefits for these young athletes.

Organized youth sports like the Youth Basketball League provide a fun and structured way for kids to get physical exercise, making them more likely to stick with consistent physical activity. As a result, athletes have lower body mass, lower rates of diabetes, and improved heart and lung function, according to an article by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine. Youth who regularly play sports are also less like to use drugs or smoke cigarettes, and female student athletes are 80% less likely to become pregnant than non-athletes.

Participating in sports helps kids succeed in school, too. Studies show that student athletes do better academically in almost every way you can think of—better grades and attendance, higher test scores, and lower dropout rates. They are also more likely to go to college.

The skills that help athletes in school will help them throughout their lives. A recent study from the University of Montreal found that kids who play extracurricular sports throughout childhood are better at following instructions and remaining focused. Playing sports helps kids learn to respect rules and take their responsibilities seriously—skills that will translate to the workplace, too. 

A gift of $16 will provide a uniform for one athlete in the Youth Basketball League. Please give today to help us reach our $1600 goal!

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