Needed: Scholarships for Little Ones Preschool

February 03, 2014
Stone Mountain, GA
Little Ones Preschool

Founded in 1978, Little Ones Preschool currently serves a very diverse group of students from as many as 12 countries, including those who are in the US as refugees. Today, the school’s credentialed and degreed teachers enact Little One’s philosophy in each of their classrooms: “Each child should learn through play and know and appreciate his or her uniqueness in this world.” Since Little Ones doesn’t receive state Pre-K funding, the school is not able to offer scholarships for families in need. This is their greatest need.

The school’s diverse, multicultural environment, which is celebrated in the classroom, gives the students a unique opportunity to learn about the world. At Thanksgiving, for example, the preschool holds a feast, and each student brings a dish from his or her culture. And throughout the year, teachers invite parents to come in and talk about their different cultures with the whole class.

While in the classroom, teachers use a center-based format that specializes in different curricula, such as music, computers, art, science, dramatic plays, reading, and manipulatives. This approach gives students a solid base in many different areas including numbers, letters, and colors, the scientific method, learning about healthy foods and nutrition, and reading, among other things.

Students use their five senses to learn, and special visitors to the classrooms—such as biologists and firefighters—give students additional chances to use this hands-on approach. In addition to all the classroom activities, students have a lot of time for outdoor and physical recreation. Teachers even lead their classes in yoga! The hallmark of Little One’s curriculum, though, is the one-on-one attention given every student. Many students return to Little Ones from year-to-year; there have even been teachers at the school who attended the preschool when they were younger!

After the regular school year ends, Little Ones’ summer session has weekly themes to keep the students excited about learning year-round. These themes touch on many things, including:

  • food, nutrition, and cooking
  • Earth, nature, and helping the planet
  • the arts, including music, plays, and a talent show
  • animals, the ocean and its inhabitants, the forest, and nocturnal animals
  • American history
  • community helpers, including nurses, firefighters, doctors, and police officers
  • sports, including holding their own Olympic games

Little Ones Preschool doesn’t receive state  funding, but through the support of Corpus Christi Parish and the dedication of their administration and teaching staff, they are able to offer affordable care and education for the children of the parish. But even with their low tuition costs, there are still many families who can’t afford to send their children to Little Ones. The school currently isn’t able to offer any financial assistance for families. To that end, a scholarship fund is their most pressing need. While Little Ones believes that everyone should pay something to send their children to the school, many families would benefit from a little help.

You can also check out the other programs Corpus Christi offers. And remember 95% of every donation goes directly to the programs. You can give directly to Little Ones and help more young people get a head start on their education.

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