Needed: Library Updates for Our Lady of Guadalupe School

October 15, 2013
Chicago, Illinois
OLG Library

Our Lady of Guadalupe School (OLGS) needs funds to upgrade and expand the school’s library to better serve their over 200 students. The school would like to add a librarian to their staff, purchase additional books, and make capital improvements to their facilities.

For many young people, reading is the thing that gets them hooked on education. Fiction takes students on adventures in their minds and fosters their own sense of creativity. Nonfiction expands their minds and knowledge about the natural world and its history. But perhaps most importantly, regular access to a high-quality library can help students succeed academically. Access to resources that support academic success fosters an environment where young people can grow into productive thinkers, problem-solvers, and community members. Without these resources, many young people miss out on the opportunity to contribute to the social, political, technological, and economic growth of their communities. Having easy access to a decent library isn’t just a means to an end, but rather an end in itself as it empowers and expands a young person’s mind and their self-image.

Having appropriate, grade-level materials to read is especially important for students learning in a second language. The average annual income for families living in South Chicago near OLGS is $19,000 with 97% of its residents qualifying for free or reduced lunches. OLGS is 90–95% Hispanic, and bilingualism is common among students. Our Lady of Guadalupe School sees this reality as a cultural strength, while at the same time knowing the importance of successfully tailoring lessons for these students to improve their command of English, particularly in the area of reading.

If you'd like to help OLGS upgrade their library and continue to provide a high-quality education for all students, you can visit our donation page. You can direct your gift specifically to OLGS. To learn more about the school, visit our programs page.

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