Mentors Mean Long-term Success

October 24, 2016
A recent survey demonstrates just how important mentors are to the success of college students.

 Natural mentors are caring adults who youth interact with in their everyday lives—like teachers, coaches, and youth workers. Along with the many other benefits of natural mentors, a recent survey by Gallup and Purdue University demonstrates just how important mentors are to the success of college students.

The survey polled more than 30,000 college graduates and found that students who felt supported by natural mentors throughout their education were almost twice as likely to thrive after graduation, which the survey defined as making strong progress in all areas of well-being. Feeling supported also improved graduates’ success in the workplace in particular, making them more than twice as likely to feel engaged in their work when they entered the job market. Having a mentor made a bigger difference than things like the quality or prestige of the school that graduates had attended. Unfortunately only 22% of surveyed graduates reported having a mentor.

All tCI youth programs give young people a chance to connect with caring natural mentors. Often this leads to long-term mentoring relationships that last through college and beyond. For many, the guidance of a mentor might be the first thing that made them believe college was even possible. Often their experiences encourage them to become mentors themselves, giving back to the community through their careers or volunteer work. It’s a powerful positive cycle that can have a meaningful impact compounded over many years.

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