Investing in Youth

July 21, 2014

A recent piece by the Urban Institute highlights census data showing that the U.S. youth population (children 18 and under) is projected to grow considerably through 2030. This fact puts a positive perspective on the support that should be available for the country’s aging and elderly populations, but it also brings to light the absolute necessity of investing in our young people now so that they can flourish into adulthood.

To be happy, healthy, successful adults who can provide for their families and build stronger communities, young people need quality education, job/life skills, nutrition, mentors, and homes and neighborhoods free of violence. tCI programs are so effective in large part because they address these vital factors needed for success.

tCI programs are also uniquely effective because they are designed and run by Claretians and other parish staff who actually live in these communities. The young people served by our programs aren’t just faces in a crowd; they know they matter—to parish staff, to the community, to each other.

Join us in investing in youth. Whether it’s through a donation or simply by spreading the word about tCI programs by joining our monthly email list or through TwitterFacebook, or Instagram your support will help us continue our work with youth for decades to come.

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