The Claretian Approach: 4 Things That Make tCI Unique

February 27, 2017
Kids at Casa Romero benefit from the Claretian approach

There are a lot of different ideas out there about the best way to create change or make a positive difference in at-risk communities. How do Claretians do it, and what makes their approach special?

1.       Claretian programs are designed and run by people who actually live there.

It’s hard to understand the root of a problem or the best way to solve it if you’re only looking in from the outside. Instead, Claretians live in the parish community and participate in neighborhood life, earning the trust of those around them. They work with long-time residents to develop the programs that will best lift up the surrounding area.

2.       Each tCI community has its own set of programs.

Claretians don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. They know a parish outside Atlanta has different needs than one in Fresno or inner-city Chicago. That’s why each community has a unique set of programs designed to be responsive to the challenges its people face.

3.       Leadership comes from within.

Developing local leaders is a big focus of the work Claretians do. In programs like the Marimba Ensemble, for example, participants begin as learners and work their way up to teaching and mentoring others. This creates change that is sustainable and community-driven, as well as developing life skills in teens and young adults.

4.       Claretians serve the whole person.

No problem exists in isolation and no person can truly thrive in one area of their life if the rest is neglected. Claretians take an intersectional approach. They know that kids can’t improve academically if they are hungry or worried about neighborhood violence. Every program they offer impacts multiple areas of life for the people involved.

The Claretian approach assures that every donation goes to the heart of the problem and makes a real impact for those who need it. You can browse through our programs and choose what you’d like to support, then designate what your gift will be used for on our donation page. Or if you prefer, make a general gift and the funds will be distributed where they’re most needed.

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