Become a Recurring Donor Today

May 18, 2015

Our donors allow the Claretians to continue crucial community development and education programs in neighborhoods challenged by poverty and violence. When only $1,000 saves an entire summer youth program, it’s clear just how far each dollar goes in the hands of the committed staff working in at-risk communities every single day.

When you sign up to become a recurring donor, you’re not only helping tCI’s programs continue, you’re allowing them to grow. And when we have a sustained funding base, new programs can be envisioned and built to address each specific tCI community’s needs—whether it’s domestic violence prevention, parenting education, or a leadership-building sports program to keep kids engaged and off the street.

We asked one of our recurring donors why she chose to give monthly to tCI:

When I donate to the tCI programs, I know that my contribution is making a meaningful impact for a discrete group of people who really need support, rather than being only a drop in the bucket of a larger foundation.

I'm currently making monthly donations to the Little Ones Preschool, and I love that I'm supporting quality early childhood education, especially for refugee and immigrant families. Especially since education is an ongoing process and not a single event, I like to think of my monthly donation as providing a consistent source of support for those in need.

Become a one-time or recurring giver today. Regardless of the frequency or amount, 95% of every donation goes directly to programs that make a lasting impact on the people and communities who need it most.

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